liposuction atlanta Post-Op Care

What will I need to do after the procedure?

Unlike traditional liposuction which can have a lengthy and cumbersome post-op process, after receiving a SmartLipo treatment you’ll find that there is little to do except to get on with your life. Because of the 21st century technological advances incorporated into the SmartLipo procedure you simply get to go home.

The SmartLipo procedure is also known as the walk in – walk out procedure. Lunch hour lipo? In many cases the SmartLipo procedure can be done over a lunch hour with little affect on the remainder of your day. There is one caveat your physician will probably ask you to take the rest of the day off as simply a precautionary step. The recovery period requires significantly less down time than traditional liposuction.

The hardest post-treatment suggestion is that you rest. Then gradually resume your normal day-to-day activities. It is also suggested that you avoid strenuous exercise and hot tubing for a couple of weeks. Rest is recommended after the procedure and activity may be resumed gradually. Depending on which area of your body is treated with the SmartLipo procedure you may be fitted with a garment to compress the area. This is done to provide comfort, support, and to assist in facilitating tissue healing. The incisions will close up by themselves within a few days. Compression garments are an important part of the recovery process, and you’ll probably be instructed to wear it for the first 24 hours after the procedure. Then, for approximately two weeks, you’ll need to continue wearing the garment for 12 or so hours per day.

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As with any procedure you will be given written instruction following your treatment. These instructions will outline what you need to do and more importantly what to call your physician about. Remember, your physician is there to answer your questions, don’t hesitate to ask. For more information about liposuction atlanta, visit: Slimplasty.

Atlanta Ultherapy Treatment

Hey, Mary here, and I’m here to talk to you about the latest breakthrough in aesthetic medicine. You know, one thing I’ve seen consistently for over ten years, is when one of my patients come in and talk to me, they want to know what the latest technology is. What’s the hottest thing on the market that they can do that’s going to help them look better and feel better about themselves. Well, I’m here to talk to you about Ultherapy.

ultherapy information
Ultherapy is a technology that I’ve been watching for three years (since it first came out). When I say watch it, I mean I go to these medical conferences where physicians are presenting research and case studies about new treatments. Ultherapy got my attention three years ago when I watched it for two years and I wanted to make sure that it actually worked. So, every year I went back to that trade show and talked to the researchers and the physicians that were using it in their practice and I wanted to know about their patient satisfaction rate. That’s the most important thing. Are your patients satisfied with their investment? Over and over again, I’ve heard nothing but good reports about Ultherapy from doctors who have been doing it now for three years. So I decided to bring it into our practice here in Ultherapy Atlanta and we’ve had amazing results with it so far! I’m here to talk to you today about Ultherapy, how it works, and how it can be helpful to you.

Ultherapy utilizes ultrasound. Ultrasound can penetrate one layer of the skin without causing any heat to occur at that layer, but then go to the next layer of the skin where it causes heat to be generated with causes collagen formation. Collagen then tightens the skin, pulls out lines and wrinkles and lifts the skin up. If this sounds like it can help you, visit Slimplasty to schedule a consultation with Ultherapy Atlanta.

Interview with a Board Certified Surgeon in Atlanta about Coolsculpting

Hey guys,

Mary Jones here and I’m here at a CoolSculpting center in Atlanta, Georgia where there’s so much buzz about a new innovative technology that Hollywood stars have been keeping a secret for years and now the secret’s out. I’ll be chatting with a board certified plastic surgeon about the newest CoolSculpting technology which freezes stubborn fat cells through revolutionary non-invasive technology. So I’m excited to show you what CoolSculpting is all about.

Q: Now you have new revolutionary technology that I’ll tell you, when I heard about it, and my friends were asking about it, I was so excited because it basically freezes stubborn fat. Am I saying that correctly?

A: Right! We’re very excited to offer the latest in non-invasive technology. You just need an hour of your time to take care of that stubborn fat pocket.

Q: So this Coolsculpting machine…how does it work?

A: Well what this machine does, is it vacuums the area that contains that fat pocket that’s resistant to diet and exercise. It melts the fat cells and once those fat cells are melted, they’re gone. They’re not going anywhere else. I have a lot of clients that are athletes, aerobics instructors, Karate instructors, and these guys are working out for a living and they still have fat pockets that bother them. There are some pockets that are hard to get rid of. So that’s where this machine comes in. Each treatment takes about 25% of your fat, so you need about 2 treatments for each trouble area.

coolsculpting machine

Q: How long does it take for the whole procedure to take place?

A: Each fat pocket takes an hour, so that’s why we have multiple machines. If you have more than one area we can use more than one machine. Within an hour, you can do two love handles at the same time, the inner thighs, the arms, and knees. It’s also excellent for the bra line for the ladies. This machine is excellent for this back area because it’s a difficult area to get to for liposuction.

Q: I heard that it does something with the double chin?

A: Yes, we have the latest in CoolSculpting technology. Those are small delicate applicators that are applied to the fatty chin area.

Q: From what I understand, is that it just closes in on the area and then the machine starts to cool and freeze the fat?

A: Right, so you put it on and there’s a vacuum technology that will pull in that fat pocket. The freezing just melts the fat away. It doesn’t affect the skin, it doesn’t affect the blood vessels, or anything else. Come see us for a free consultation or visit us at Coolsculpting Atlanta.

The Work Put Into a Gold Chain for Men

A lot of people do not realize how much work is involved in making mens gold chains. It is a very painstaking process, and not anyone can do it. I know this from experience. I was enrolled in a jewelry class in high school, and I was terribly inept at it. None of my projects turned out how I wanted them to. Other people in the class made some pretty awesome stuff, though. Even the basics of making jewelry require a huge amount of precision and patience. The first assignment we had was to construct a simple band ring out of a thin strip of silver. Even that was a bit challenging. You had to hammer the band around a cylindrical metal tool, until the two ends of the band were touching and the ring was in the shape of a circle. After that, you have to solder the two ends together, which is difficult because the edge is very thin. Once it is soldered together you have to sand it and polish it until it is perfectly smooth. Once you have the ring, you can add more stuff onto it. If you want to set a gem in it, you will need to put small metal pieces on the ring that will hold the stone into place. Setting a stone is not done with glue or any other adhesive. The stone is supposed to rest snuggly in its designated spot. A lot of engagement rings are made this way, but many are not.

gold chain for menI have never been to Calgary personally, but I have heard that the city is beautiful. When I was growing up, my parents sent me to a baseball camp with my aunt and uncle and they went on a romantic trip to Calgary. I am not sure how the trip went for them, but at this point, I have to assume that it was not the peachiest of trips. Nevertheless, they made me think that they had a really good time doing what they liked to do which was hike and eat. Canada, like the United States, is a melting pot of cultures and maybe even more so. On the coasts, here in the States, there is a lot of mixing of people from all over the world, but it lessens considerably as you get within the interior of the country. I am not sure if that is the same in Canada, but I could see the immigrants being more spread out there. Nevertheless, having so many people from all over the world means that the jewelry stores in Calgary must have a very wide selection of different diamonds to satisfy all of their potential customers. It would be weird if they only had diamonds that were culturally acceptable to a small portion of the city’s population. Still, jewelry stores have the ability to be flexible when purchasing their inventory and I am sure that that is a question that they ask themselves quite a bit. They would want everything.